For over 30 years, in Florence, in the heart of Tuscany, Paola Signorini has been creating and producing handmade objects of the finest quality, perfect in every detail according to a great family experience that has renewed itself for generations.

A style and an artistry that is rooted in the tradition of Florentine leather craftmanship, renowned the world over for its beauty and for its history.

Paola Signorini chooses only the more refined and precious materials and uses them with passion to create bags, beauty cases and accessories of unmistakable quality. Master craftsmen, with their skilled hands, know how to enhance the value of every object and to make it unique.

Thirty years of experience and passion in selecting the best materials, in paying attention to every detail, in enhancing creativity and style, in order to create high-quality items which are well known and appreciated all over the world.